About MyGourmetFeast~>

Ever since I step foot into Longrain restaurant, my whole perception to food changed. There was a sort of enjoyment I get when eating out, chefs putting out dishes that are worth every penny paid and to know that we are stepping into a domain of the craftmans in this form as chefs – its feels exciting.

Currently 18 and enjoying life eating out and cooking as well – one of the many reasons I started this blog in 2010. Another odd reason leading me into writing was probably high school, never did I get out of the topic of talking about food when chatting with my mates- none of them really cared because being 15, games were probably more prized that food.

Sharing my experiences with true foodies are the key to communication so I hope my blog will excite you tastebutts and lead you to having a go at the restaurants I dined at.

For any enquiries, place comment below with your name and email and I will get back to you. Thanks.