My Sydney Feast ~> Dessert Detour with Jane Strode of Bistrode

I have to say that there are quite a number of great restaurants along the main street of Surry Hills, Crown Street that is. But have any of you foodies realise that there are many more gastronomical places on the other streets of Surry Hills as well? For instance, you can find the hatted Assiette on Albion Street and the famed Longrain restaurant on Commonwealth Street. So, what am I trying to say is, explore the suburb and who knows, you might just surprise yourself on your findings.

Tucked in the corner of Phelps Street and Bourke Street hides a Jewel, opened in 2005 by Jeremy and Jane Strode, they achieved their very first chef hat after two years in the running. Being the Protege of renowned French chefs, Michel Roux and Pierre Koffman, it is no surprise what Jeremy put up is of excellent quality. On the other hand, Jane has hone her pastry skills under renowned chef Lorraine Godsmark, the ex Pastry Chef of the famous Rockpool Restaurant which makes the dessert menu a bit of WOW factor. Husband and wife team describes their cuisine as British-Australian and continues to strive excellence with the opening of their second restaurant – Bistrode CBD.

If you are looking for a place for a sugar-hit, Jane’s divine creation are sure to make you feel guilty yet cheeky after having one of them desserts. Though the dessert list is small, all of the dishes are made to top bottom perfection.

Chocolate Creme Brulee

A great way to start my sugar hit with the Chocolate Creme Brulee! The intense chocolate custard packs a punch and the crisp sugar caramelisation is just a heavenly pair. Jane sure knows how to impress her chocoholic diners by turning this classic dessert into an chocoholic delight!


Honey Tart & Peanut Butter Ice Cream

This dessert, you can say is one of Jane’s signature dishes. It has been going back and forth the menu for a few years now and is always a hit. “The inspiration behind this dish was from my childhood, I used to have peanut butter and honey sandwich and it was rare for me not to enjoy at least one of it” Jane explains. The sweetness of the honey tart is balanced out with the ice cream which has a unique salty and sweet peanut butter flavour to it, the vanilla bean shines through the ice cream and makes it overall delicious. The pastry was cooked beautifully and with every bite of the flaky and buttery pastry makes any worries go away.


Pink Champagne & Strawberry Jelly, Peach Custard

This is a classic summer dessert which you would find on any menu across Britain. Using either Pink Champagne or Rosé wine for the base flavour of the jelly is beautiful to the palate. Peaches are now in season and what better way to utilise it than making a peach custard. Jane’s jelly is divine, sweetness in the jelly with every bite bursting with the flavours of berries and with combination of the anglaise, it is just perfect.


Jane’s talent for sweets and puddings are noticeable and definitely worth a visit. The menu is small but however is constantly changing, you never know what she has up her sleeves so the best thing to do now is ring and make a booking.



478 Bourke Street ,Surry Hills

Sydney, New South Wales

Tel: (02) 9380 7333

Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide – 1 Chef Hat 2010

Bistrode CBD

Level 1, Cnr York & King Street

Sydney, New South Wales

Tel: (02) 9240 3000

Jane and Jeremy Strode has two cookbooks titled ‘Bistrode’ and ‘Two’s Cooking’. Both of the books are available for purchase at the restaurant and even better, get it personalised.

Bistrode – $34.95

Two’s Cooking – $19.95

Jane has been making jams and relishes for friends and family since starting her apprenticeship at Rockpool in 1996 and has always dreamed of having her own label. After a constant stream of nagging, and with the access to the Bistrode kitchen Jane has finally been able to launch her own label, Kitchen Sync.

For more information – visit:

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