My Sydney Feast ~> Lanzafàme Trattoria

John Lanzafame, Chef and owner of Lanzafàme Trattoria is a passionate chef specializing in food he grew up with, honest and traditional Italian cuisine. Ex-Executive chef of Peter Evans of Hugo’s, he does amazingly good pizzas with many awards, one of them being the world pizza champion in New York in 2005.

Lanzafàme Trattoria is small and cozy restaurant located in the quiet suburbs of Woolloomooloo on Crown street. I arrived here for lunch with high expectations knowing John’s reputation as a brilliant and amazing chef.

The lunch menu of $15 for entrees, pasta and pizzas is definitely worth a visit, with not only a few choices available but a wide one to pick from (delicious ones as well) it does make you think twice before ordering.


When visiting an Italian restaurant, I believe it is a must to try the Antipasto plate as part of your dining experience.  The Antipasto plate is definitely worth trying at Lanzafame’s, it has a range of Salumi (cured meat) complemented with fruity olives with a slight salty finish, a chunk of Percorino cheese and not to mention the beautifully marinated vegetables.

Pappardelle - Rabbit Ragu top with Parmesan

The pasta was cooked al dente, a rich sauce to complement it and the rabbit was moist just as anyone would want it to be.

Pork Belly and Raddichio Pizza

The combination of pork belly and raddichio was surprisingly good with a crispy crunch with every bite,  a feast for all senses.


It was no surprise that i thoroughly enjoyed every dish placed on my table – In my opinion, John is an fantastic chef and I definitely recommend any pizza lovers out there to dine here as it will be an experience you will never forget!


Lanzafame Trattoria

88 Crown Street , Woolloomooloo

(02) 9331 8881


John Lanzafame has produced two cookbooks :

His first cookbook titled Pizza modo mio is a must have for any pizza lovers out there, RRP of $39.95. A bargain!

His latest cookbook titled Family Italian reflects the recipes from his childhood and his family. RRP: $45.00

Get your copies from any good bookstores and get them signed and personalized from the restaurant.


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