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It is now October and here comes another year of fantastic events presented by the Sydney International Food Festival, a month of fantastic cuisine and love affair for food. BBQ Madness first kicked off last year with Guest chef, Fergus Henderson of St John’s Restaurant which you might also know him as the master of Nose to Tail eating.

The theme of the BBQ this year was sustainable seafood and having said that, last year was Nose to tail. With producers explaining where each seafood comes from and how its grown, it ignites something in you to want to understand more about their passion and to support their industry.

The line up of chefs this year included

– Warren Turnbull – Assiette

– Massimo Mele – Hugo’s Manly

– Morgan McGlone – Flinder’s Inn

– Richard Ptacnik – Otto Restaurante

– Darren John

and a few more


Warren Turnbull's Miso Glazed Marlborough King Salmon with Japanese Radish Salad and Aubergine Puree

The Salmon was beautifully cooked, a crunch of subtle miso glaze with every bite. Aubergine puree was light and smooth. Combined textures from the salad was amazing. The elements of the dish puzzles up fantastically.

Morgan McGlone's Seared Barramundi, Kipfler Potatoes, Sauce Vierge

This Barramundi is absolutely gorgeous, people tend to get a slight muddiness flavour to the barramundi when eating them because of the environment they tend to come from. Barramundi tend to be found in swamps which gives it the natural muddy flavour which sometimes can be quite unpleasant to the palate. This Barramundi however was grown in the prestigious waters of Cone Bay in Western Australia. With currents sweeping in everyday, it gives sufficient exercise to the fish giving it a sweet and not so fatty product. Morgan cooked the Barramundi simply which I had the chance to taste the true flavor of the fish, dressed with a sauce vierge, a lemon and olive oil dressing. The skin was crisp, textures again from the potatoes and tomatoes, it is just a marriage made in heaven.

Massimo Mele's BBQ Fremantle Octopus Salad with Fresh Herbs, Chilli and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A burst of flavor with every bite, from the garlic, chili, parsley. The Octopus was tender and the olive oil dressing just suits the dish so well.

Richard Ptacnik's Rainbow Trout with Fregola, Tomato, Fennel and Olives, Pancetta and Fennel Puree

The Rainbow trout stuffed with Fregola adds dimensions of textures with every bite, the slight saltiness from the crisp pancetta was very well balanced with the fish. Fennel puree was a bit thick otherwise well combined but overall a fantastic dish.


The overall experience was fantastic, loved every minute of it and getting a chef cook breakfast for you is not an everyday opportunity. I appreciate the time and effort, the chefs and the festival team put up and cannot wait for next year’s highlight of SIFF!


SIFF Website :

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