Sydney Food Event ~> Taste of Sydney 2010

25 May

Taste festival started off in the UK and having being popular, the idea was brought to Australia last year. This year, the festival is bigger and better than last year offering more variety of food, produce and chefs. I arrived here in the morning and starting browsing around my favorite restaurants and having the best for my stomach.

First up was Aria Restaurant, Matt Moran’s home from home, I had a chance to try out their entree and their main and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Cured ocean trout with cucumber and radish

The ocean trout was fresh and fab, with a crunch from the radish and cucumber sets this dish up the top.

Slow roasted Moran family lamb roast

The smoky Barbeque sauce complements the tender quality lamb perfectly, with bread and rocket makes the day out worthwhile.


Next up is my favorite Thai restaurant in Sydney, Longrain Restaurant. Having been to the restaurant a couple of times, I absolutely respect Chef Martin Boetz’s philosophy of thai cuisine, gathering fresh produce and creating a jewel on a plate.

Executive chef Martin Boetz

Fish cakes with sweet chili and lime coriander & bean sprouts

The saltiness from the cakes are balanced with the chili-lime dressing and salad. The salad adds another dimension of freshness and textures.

Yellow curry of Berkshire Pork with pickled mustard greens

Fluffy and light rice with tender pork was spiced to perfection. With Potatoes, an essential part in asian curries finishes with the amazing dimension of flavours.


After eating thai, I ‘flew to France’. Having being trained under renowned French chefs, Pierre Gagnaire, Guy Savoy and Raymond Blanc,  you cannot get more french than this chef. Justin North, executive chef and Restaurateur of Becasse, Etch & Le Grande Cafe.

Executive chef Justin North

Prawn Cocktail

The prawns were cooked to perfection with fresh crunch and sweet tones from the tomatoes is a delight to the heart.


While being in ‘France’, I cannot stop myself from visiting another renowned french chef, Guillaume Brahimi. His award winning restaurant Gillaume @ Bennelong is located at the beautiful Opera house here in Sydney. It was a pleasure to eating his food and it sure was tasty.

Executive chef Guillaume Brahimi

Wagyu beef daube with paris mash

The beef was tender and cooked top bottom perfection. light mash complementing the beef and just a pleasant and complex finish with the aromatic jus.

Chocolate, Pistachio and strawberry Macaroons


Just beside the Bennelong stand was the Marque stand. I could not resist going there seeing three-hatted chef, Mark Best standing there. The menu looked amazing and I decide to stay in ‘France’ for more!

Executive chef Mark Best

Cured ocean trout with coleslaw, lemon&dill jelly

Lemon and dill jelly along with the cured ocean trout makes you grin. The jelly melts in the mouth with a  clean citrus finish with textures from the salmon roe as well and the coleslaw makes you want more.

Sauternes custard with caramel


‘Italy’ was my next my next destination. Located at Freshwater in North Sydney, right beside the beach, It is a beautiful place to dine with slight salty breeze blowing towards you. Sardinian Chef Giovanni Pilu has continued to WOW diners with his signature dish, the suckling pig at his restaurant Pilu at Freshwater. With such popular critiques, he has now opened his second restaurant Cavallino which specializes in Pizza.

Executive chef Giovanni Pilu

Risotto with crystal bay prawns and zucchini

The creamy risotto was beautifully cooked, well seasoned, with fresh crystal bay prawns and zucchini.


Italian ingredients were not readily available back in the 1980s as they are now. It is all thanks to Armando Percuoco for his service and hard work to have these ingredients now. Executive Chef and Owner of the award winning Buon Ricordo was born in the Naples where he described as terrible to have a restaurant there, now calling Australia home, he is enjoying the food, the scene and is loving it.

Introducing Armando's olive oil

Sausage bound with parmesan and truffle egg

The sausage is wonderful with the truffle coming through, a texture was given from the egg and parmesan.


After being in ‘Europe’, I am back in ‘Australia’. I am now in ‘Surry Hills’ where one of Australia’s top chef resides. Alex Herbert has trained under renowned chef Maggie Beer. Bird Cow Fish has been awarded one chef hat for its constant excellent bistro dishes and great service.

Bird cow fish stand

Bird cow fish sells fresh home made jams and beautiful home made sauces as well.

Terrine of Berkshire pork with sourdough & Remoulade dressed salad

The pork was beautiful with textures from the salad. However the ‘Grain Organic Bakery’ sourdough was dry and disappointing.


Jared Ingersoll is Executive chef of Dank Street Depot. He is a regular on Channel ten’s Ready Steady Cook and puts on amazing food all the time.

Executive chef Jared Ingersoll

Executive chef Jared Ingersoll

Beef ribs smoked in watermelon with a watermelon and avocado salad

Beef ribs was smoked perfectly and not overpowering as compared to some dodgy restaurants, nice flavors and went well with the sweetness and the creaminess of the avocado.


The whole Taste of Sydney experience was amazing. Having top chefs all in one event and having to try their food as well without having to go to the restaurants is definitely worthwhile. The event was basically my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner covered. I will definitely be back next year for more surprises.

For more information on Taste of Sydney or Taste of Melbourne:

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