My Sydney Feast ~> Buon Ricordo Restaurant

“Italian food was not Italian food back when I arrived in Australia, It was terrible. Garlic bread which was from my region, Well it wasn’t garlic bread at all” explains renowned chef Armando Percuoco. Everyday Italian ingredients were not readily available when Armando arrived in Australia and it was his hard work and contribution that allowed these ingredients to be available nowadays in supermarkets, markets and specialty food stores. His contribution to the Australian food scene is indeed major and I thought why not try his restaurant and thus I’m here. The two hatted restaurant was opened in 1987, located in quiet Paddington here in Sydney which features a two-storey restaurant with elegant and beautiful interior.

I arrived at the restaurant for lunch and was greeted by Gemma who is the manager of the restaurant. Coincidentally, Armando was also there and I was honored to be greeted by the Grand chef himself. I sat down in the restaurant and browsed through the menu and the Degustazione menu (Degustation) caught my eyes. I wondered what to have for my six courses and Armando came and asked if I wanted him to do the honors of choosing the menu. I was delighted and went for it!

Bread, olive oil and condiments

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Sydney Food Event ~> Taste of Sydney 2010

Taste festival started off in the UK and having being popular, the idea was brought to Australia last year. This year, the festival is bigger and better than last year offering more variety of food, produce and chefs. I arrived here in the morning and starting browsing around my favorite restaurants and having the best for my stomach.

First up was Aria Restaurant, Matt Moran’s home from home, I had a chance to try out their entree and their main and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Cured ocean trout with cucumber and radish

The ocean trout was fresh and fab, with a crunch from the radish and cucumber sets this dish up the top.

Slow roasted Moran family lamb roast

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Chef Interview – Antonio Carluccio

He is an Italian cook who has a huge passion for Italian cuisine, he has also produced 14 cookbooks in his lifetime and sold millions worldwide. Antonio Carluccio has awards written all over him, An order of the British Empire from the Queen and the Order of merit of the Italian republic from the Italian Government for his ongoing contribution and service to food. With such major awards, Its no surprise how successful he is.

It was a pleasure meeting the man himself  at his hotel, the Four Seasons and having a face to face interview with him. As we sat down for our coffees, a familiar face grabbed Antonio’s attention, it was none other than Barry Humphries which you may know him or her as the legendary Dame Edna. It was great seeing him and a great honor as well to see a famous face. As Barry walked away after the their conversation,  Antonio sat down and started sipping his espresso and the interview began.


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Sydney Food Event ~> Alex Herbert Demonstration – Pyrmont Growers Market

It was a wet morning in Pyrmont this morning, but that did not stop the one hatted chef, Alex herbert from coming to the growers market. Executive Head chef and co-owner, Alex herbert presented one of her childhood recipes which was a Beef Stifado.  As the cooking demonstration draws to a close, the sunshine came out and it all became a beautiful morning.

Sydney Morning Herald Pyrmont Growers market is held every first Saturday of each month. It is held at Pyrmont Bay Park opposite Star city Casino on Pirrama Road from 7am-11am. For more details head to

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