My Birthday Feast ~> Pier Restaurant Sydney

Pier restaurant is renowned for it’s exquisite seafood dining here in Rose Bay in Sydney. Surrounded around the beautiful waters, it is truly a really great place to experience seafood. Owner/Executive chef Greg Doyle displays his love and passion for seafood on the plate. Renowned Pastry chef Katrina Kanetani shares her knowledge of desserts to the menu and Head chef Grant King leads the team to produce excellent food with no excuses.

I was fortunate to be here before Katrina stepped down from Pier restaurant late last year, I was very lucky also to have Katrina make my birthday cake for my 16th birthday and the experience was truly spectacular.

Tian of Yabby - scallop ceviche pea salad and jus.

The first entrée was a Tian of yabby – scallop ceviche pea salad and jus. This dish was fantastic; it looked harmless but packed a punch. The presentation of this dish was gorgeous, the flowers sure brings the whole dish up. The flavors worked nicely, the creaminess from the tian of yabby mixed with the pea jus giving it a beautiful finish. The yabby was fantastically fresh as well.

Pan fried scallops - saute veal sweetbreads, shemeji mushrooms, cauliflower tofu

The second dish was a scallop dish. The scallops were juicy and not dry, cooked perfectly with great caramelization and a hint of sweetness to it.  The cauliflower tofu was unique  and creamy suiting the scallops. Shemeji mushrooms gave it another dimension of texture and the sweetbreads, beautifully cooked again.

Crispy Skinned murray cod - caramelised witlof, seranno ham, dutch carrots, bitter orange

The murray cod was fresh and clean, crisp skin soft flesh good textures. The saltiness from the seranno complements the fish also with the bitter orange puree, witlof was slightly bitter but cuts through the sweetness of the carrot.

Roquefort cheesecake - pear gel, celery, maple syrup, grissini

Dish was amazing, rich cheese flavored, sweetness of the pear gel marriages with the sharpness of the cheese. Maple syrup does the same thing, celery exquisite.

Carrot sponge - cream cheese frosting

The carrot sponge came as a round sponge cake with a hint of carrot to it. Cream cheese complimented the carrot sponge perfectly.

Caramel rum braised banana - tamarind jelly, coconut sobet, almond brittle, rum sponge

The presentation of this dessert looked lovely, different elements on the dish puzzles up well together. The coconut sorbet was smooth and flavorsome, the caramel rum bananas was very pleasant to the palate, it all worked perfectly. A crunch is needed and the almond brittle provided that, tamarind jelly was just the great consistency.

I truly applaud Katrina for her amazing contribution to the Australian food scene and what she does. She truly deserves all the the success and reputation she has.

Last but not least was my birthday cake, It is quite small but it sure filled us up after having the 5 courses.

My Birthday Cake - Chocolate Pave

The cake that I chose was a chocolate Pave, in simplified a chocolate mousse cake. The decor of the cake was beautiful, gorgeously pulled sugar, chocolate pieces and best of all its all done with my favorite chocolate, the valrhona. The chocolate mousse was smooth and light, the base was spongy and baked beautifully.

I was very happy to have had my birthday lunch with my friends here, every dishes had a meaning to it and it was a truly amazing journey in the world of Pier. After Lunch, I got a chance to enter the kitchen to say hi and thanks to Katrina and Grant, not to mention the kitchen team too. The seafood was fresh and great, I recommend Pier to any seafood lover and dessert lover as currently Katrina still contributes some of her idea to the dessert menu.

tip: Valrhona is a french chocolate. In sydney and melbourne, you can purchase it from any Simon Johnson’s. One of my favorites.


Pier Restaurant 594 New South Head Road,

Rose Bay, Sydney, New South Wales

(02) 9327 6561


The Pier chefs have written a restaurant cook book titled ‘PIER’

If you have a passion for seafood and a sweet tooth, this book is the winner. In combination of the Pier chef’s signature desserts this book will be an excellent extra to your cookbook selections. Any expert cooks should try the professional recipes in the book.

Purchase the book from any leading bookstores or get it PERSONALIZED by the Pier chefs by ordering it via the restaurant. RRP: $89.95


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