Sydney Food Event ~> CuisineNow 2010 Masterclass

Cuisine NOW has been a long-held dream of Tony Bilson’s and to realise it he has assembled a team of people who understand his vision and have each added value to the co-ordination of this inaugural festival of contemporary cuisine.

‘ You don’t need to leave Australia to enjoy the culinary delights of a lifetime, Cuisine NOW will bring you the world’s best chefs and their signatures dishes using local produce right here in Sydney.’ – Tony Bilson

The lineup of chefs this year included

Nicolas Le Bec from 2 Michelin starred – Nicolas Le Bec Restaurant, Lyon, France

Tony Bilson from 3 chef hatted – Bilson’s Restaurant, Sydney

Tetsuya Wakuda from 3 chef hatted – Tetsuya’s Restaurant, Sydney

Phillipe Mouchel from – Chef hatted – The Brasserie on Crown, Melbourne

Michel Roux Snr from 3 Michelin starred – The waterside Inn, Bray, UK

Reine Sammut from 1 Michelin starred – Auberge La Fenière, France


Nicolas Le Bec Masterclass

Nicolas’s masterclass – you got to learn how to make the

– Prawn Ravioli with a sauce from the shells

– Poached Atlantic Coast John Dory in Farmhouse Cider Jus with Green Apples & Crunchy Cucumber

– Plain Chocolate Mousse, Served hot

Tony Bilson Masterclass

Tony’s masterclass – you got to learn how to make the

– Carpaccio of Swordfish with Caviar

– Quenelle of Foie Gras with a Warm Yabby Vinaigrette

– Almond and Fig tart with Port Sauce & Almond Milk

Tetsuya Wakuda Masterclass

Tetsuya’s masterclass – you got to learn how to make the

– Scampi Tail, Witlof & Citrus

– Braised Spatchcock  with Olives & Capers

– Salad of Kingfish, Black Bean & Orange

Phillipe Mouchel Masterclass

Phillipe’s masterclass – you got to learn how to make the

– Pan Seared Milk Fed Veal Fillet, Sweetbread Croquette, Confit Carrot with Caraway & a Sage Jus

– Slow cooked Fillet of Rockling , Walnut Risotto, Sherry and Ginger Jus

– Chocolate & Caramel Tart with a Passionfruit Espouma

Michel Roux Masterclass

Michel’s masterclass – you got to learn how to make the

– Flaked Crab with Langoustine  Tails served on a Mango & Mint Salsa

– Sea Bass en Croute with Sauce Vierge

– Apple & Passionfruit Tartlets

Reine Sammut Masterclass

Reine’s masterclass – you got to learn how to make the

– Aubergine Crumble with Parmesan Cheese

– Pesto Risotto (tomato)

– Chocolate Tart


If you did not have a chance to attend the Masterclasses, there are recipes of all the classes listed on the website.

Website –

The masterclasses I attended were Nicolas’s, Tetsuya’s, Michel’s and Reine’s. The classes were fun and interesting! Not only you got to learn how to make the dishes, you get tips from the chefs as well and learn more about them too. Cuisine NOW will be back next year with a new batch of chefs. So stay tuned!

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