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Melbourne’s the capital of food in Australia. Being here, I can’t get my head off one of Melbourne’s top restaurants, Jacques Reymond Restaurant. Located in Prahran, in a quite residential area, not quite where you’ll expect a Restaurant to be. The kitchen led by Head chef Jacques Reymond has continued to achieve three chef hats for what feels like a hundred years. The restaurant is also listed under Relais and Chateaux as one of the world’s top prestigious restaurants.

I came here for lunch and was greeted by the amazingly professional waiter. I was seated in the main dining room, the restaurant is classic but had a great ambience.

Fresh sourdough bun and house butter

The bread was an instant love, the crisp crust, the warm and moist inside ignites your palate.

Tasmanian Pacific oysters and hiramasa kingfish sashimi, a sour cream dressing

A pleasant double ‘bursting’ effect is created  from the crunch of the sweet and delicate flying fish roe and the fresh pacific oysters. Another layer of texture is created from the kingfish sashimi and spring onions, with a sour cream dressing to bring the elements together makes it overall lively.

Warm terrine of leek, daikon and peanuts, watermelon and beetroot tajine

Vegetarians will adore this classic terrine of leek, but with a crunch from the delicate subtle daikon and watermelon makes this dish a classic to a fantastic. A truly heavenly experience for vegetarians.

*Daikon – (in Japanese meaning big root) A white root vegetable, looks quite similar to a carrot but can grow much bigger. Mild in flavor. Also known as a white radish.

Snapper with togaroshi and wasabi, ponzu dressing, squid and orange witlof

Soft snapper was given a kick from the tagorashi, light tones of acidity created by the orange witlof. Japanese ponzu adds another element of freshness, sourness and slight sweetness conjuring pure flavors. Tender squid was not at all necessary.

Tagoroshi – (seven flavor chili pepper) is a common Japanese spice mixture containing seven ingredients.

Ponzu – is a citrus-based sauce commonly used in Japanese cuisines. It is tart, with a thin, watery consistency and a light yellow color.

Wok of hare with asian aromatics and enoki, sake and fresh pasta

Slightly overcooked hare was a disapointment but was lighten by the textures and crispiness of the  pasta and the mushrooms. Sauce was very strong and gamey.

Saddle of wallaby and sancho, butternut pumpkin and mild asian flavours

Wallaby was cooked top bottom perfection, soft pumpkin with subtle tones from the dressing.

Selection of ice creams and sorbets, a crispy almond tuile

selections of coffee, mixed berries and pistachio is already manipulating your mind with colours.  The sharpness from the raspberry sorbet was balanced out with the almond tuille. The Coffee ice cream was strong yet inviting, the pistachio sorbet makes you say yes to the pastry team.

At the end of the meal, it just got better, I got to meet the Chef himself Jacques Reymond and a photo with him was something I’ve been wanting to have for a long time. Overall the experience was a great one and I will definitely be here again when I’m in Melbourne. Melbourne certainly is lucky to have Jacques but does Sydney have better chefs? who knows.. as my next adventure awaits!


Jacques Reymond Restaurant
78 Williams Road, Prahran,
Melbourne, Victoria
Tel: (03) 9525 2178

The Age Guide – Restaurant of the year 2010
The Age Guide – Three Chef hat for numerous years
Relais and Chateau Restaurant
Relais and Chateau Grand Chef – Jacques Reymond


Jacques Reymond has recently release his new cookbook titled ‘Cuisine du Temps.’ A book with many recipes from the restaurant and will be a great addition to any kitchen shelf.

Get a copy from any major bookstores at a RRP of $60.00  OR  order a signed copy from the Restaurant.

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