My Birthday Feast ~> Pier Restaurant Sydney

Pier restaurant is renowned for it’s exquisite seafood dining here in Rose Bay in Sydney. Surrounded around the beautiful waters, it is truly a really great place to experience seafood. Owner/Executive chef Greg Doyle displays his love and passion for seafood on the plate. Renowned Pastry chef Katrina Kanetani shares her knowledge of desserts to the menu and Head chef Grant King leads the team to produce excellent food with no excuses.

I was fortunate to be here before Katrina stepped down from Pier restaurant late last year, I was very lucky also to have Katrina make my birthday cake for my 16th birthday and the experience was truly spectacular.

Tian of Yabby - scallop ceviche pea salad and jus.

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Sydney Food Event ~> CuisineNow 2010 Lunches

Cuisine Now masterclasses are finished off with a spectacular lunch by the chefs. I was fortunate to have secure my seats for the Michel Roux lunch and the Reine Sammut Lunch. Lunch included matching wines and 6 courses. I guess you want to see what the chefs got up, so enough talking and more PICTURES!



Creme Caroline - Chilled Cream of Sweetcorn Soup

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Sydney Food Event ~> CuisineNow 2010 Masterclass

Cuisine NOW has been a long-held dream of Tony Bilson’s and to realise it he has assembled a team of people who understand his vision and have each added value to the co-ordination of this inaugural festival of contemporary cuisine.

‘ You don’t need to leave Australia to enjoy the culinary delights of a lifetime, Cuisine NOW will bring you the world’s best chefs and their signatures dishes using local produce right here in Sydney.’ – Tony Bilson

The lineup of chefs this year included

Nicolas Le Bec from 2 Michelin starred – Nicolas Le Bec Restaurant, Lyon, France

Tony Bilson from 3 chef hatted – Bilson’s Restaurant, Sydney

Tetsuya Wakuda from 3 chef hatted – Tetsuya’s Restaurant, Sydney

Phillipe Mouchel from – Chef hatted – The Brasserie on Crown, Melbourne

Michel Roux Snr from 3 Michelin starred – The waterside Inn, Bray, UK

Reine Sammut from 1 Michelin starred – Auberge La Fenière, France


Nicolas Le Bec Masterclass

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My Sydney Feast ~> Sean Connolly’s interview tastings

After the interview with Sean himself, I had the opportunity to try some of his current signature dishes on his menu. Lucky me!! The dishes were filled with creativity and love! 2 dishes from each restaurant, Astral and Sean’s Kitchen. Here are some of the pictures and what I thought about them..

Astral is located on level 17, which is the highest level of the Casino.  A beautiful restaurant for breakfast and dinner, with the stunning view of the whole city, its a place that will take your breathe away. The food is never a letdown, the service is always impact-able.

Raw Plate, sashimi of tuna, ocean trout, scallop, oyster & sea urchin with soy mirin jelly, tuna dust and yuzu emulsion

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Chef Interview – Sean Connolly

Dear Blog-Readers, I have today, my very first chef interview. It was very exciting and also nerve wracking at the same time when interviewing the chef. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do.


Sean Connolly is executive head chef of the prestigious Astral Restaurant and Bar and Sean’s Kitchen here in Sydney’s very own Casino, Star City. He is one Sydney’s top chefs and one of Australia’s most recognized chef. His love and passion for Spanish cuisine has got himself one chef hat and was labelled Chef of year by the Good food Guide in 2008.

The man himself, Sean Connolly.

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My Melbourne Feast ~> Grossi Florentino Restaurant

The Grossi Family has a long history in their contribution of Italian cuisine in Australia. Guy Grossi, current head chef/owner of Grossi Florentino has continued to WOW diners with his love and passion for Italian cuisine. 2 hatted Chef, Guy is a funny man with a great sense of humor but when it comes to food, it’s no joke at all.  He has been awarded by the president of Italy for his service of Italian food outside of Australia, with such great critiques and reviews, I decided to dine @ Grossi Florentino for my next Melbourne Feast ~>

I was living in the city during my stay in Melbourne and in my opinion, Melbourne city is a city filled with loads of  food! Indian food, Japanese food, Chinese food and many more. Name it and they will have it. Grossi Florentino is one of the restaurants that stand out among the other restaurants, with a huge GROSSI ‘sign’ outside the restaurant, its hard to miss. The restaurant was at level 2. Up the stairs, I was greeted and seated by. I picked the Degustazione (Degustation) Menu and My Melbourne Feast began.

crumbed squid

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My Melbourne Feast ~> Jacques Reymond Restaurant

Melbourne’s the capital of food in Australia. Being here, I can’t get my head off one of Melbourne’s top restaurants, Jacques Reymond Restaurant. Located in Prahran, in a quite residential area, not quite where you’ll expect a Restaurant to be. The kitchen led by Head chef Jacques Reymond has continued to achieve three chef hats for what feels like a hundred years. The restaurant is also listed under Relais and Chateaux as one of the world’s top prestigious restaurants.

I came here for lunch and was greeted by the amazingly professional waiter. I was seated in the main dining room, the restaurant is classic but had a great ambience.

Fresh sourdough bun and house butter

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